FAQ and Informations

If your question is missing, please contact us.

Viewer questions:

I like the concept of #NextLoLStar. How can I support you?

  • You can help us most if you spread the word, whether it is in your personal aquaintances or online. You can follow us on social media and share our posts.

Where can I find you on social media?

Is there any chance you meet you in person?

  • Our jurymembers, our host and Visanna, founder of MFG, are attending eSports events regularly. Click here to find out when we will be at an event near you.

How can I support my favourite candidates?

  • After each episode you can vote for your favourite candidates. And of course you can always spread the word about them on social media or offline.

What is the schedule like?

  • Our show will start on November 25th at 8PM (CET). Until the end of December we will stream our show every Wednesday at 8 PM (CET) and every Saturday at 3 PM (CET). After each episode you will have 48 hours to vote for your favourites.

How will the voting take place?

  • You can vote either in our website or on our facebookpage for 48 hours after each episode. You will need a facebook account to vote, as a precaution against vote spamming.

Where can I contact you about business inquiries?

  • For business inquiries please send an email to visanna@mentalforcegaming.eu

Participants questions:

Which requirements do I need to fulfill to participate?

  • You have to be at least 16, have at least rank diamond 1 and you need to be fluent in German and English. You can find the rules and the participation agreement (both German only) here.

I’m 16/17, can I sign up or do you need confirmation from my parents?

  • If you are under 18 and want to participate we need a signed form from your legal guardian. The form is included in the participation agreement (German only)

Why do I have to be at least diamond 1?

  • We want to create a team that is able to compete in tournaments and especially in Riot events (Challenger Series, League Championship Series). Therefore we need to recruit our players at a high elo.

What can I do if I’m not diamond 1 yet?

  • You have 2 weeks to apply, so you still have some time to train and improve yourself. Registration ends on Oktober 14th, so you still have some time to submit your application.

Why do you need a copy of my ID? Why do I have to sign the participation agreement?

  • We are looking for players to form a team that will get paid contracts. Therefore we have some legal conditions we need to fulfill.

What do the contracts look like?

  • You will get a staff contract with all the benefits you get by being directly employed. The payment will therefore be a monthly salary. The height of this salary will depend on the competitive level the team is currently on. So we will be raising the salaries step by step until we reach League Championship Series.

I fulfill all requirements. How do I sign up?

  • Please read the rules and fill out the participant agreement. Afterwards you can sign up here. We are looking forward to your registration!

I fulfill all requirements and want to be part of #NextLoLStar. Unfortunatly I have no way to scan my participation agreement.

  • It’s possible to submit the paperwork per regular mail. In this case please contact us and we will reach out to you to discuss the further steps.

Why do you need a video for my registration and what should be in there?

  • #NextLoLStar is a show where our audience and our jury vote on who the best players are and they want to get to know you. Tell us when you started playing League of Legends, who your favourite champion is and a little bit about yourself as well as your expectations for the show.

Can I shoot the video with my cell phone?

  • Sure. Cell phone camera works as well as webcam. It’s the content that matters, not the quality. We are well aware we are casting gamers, not directors 😉

What do I have to keep on mind while recording?

  • Please make sure you use the proper resolution: Either 1920×1080 or 1280×720. Keep in mind to have some source of light and speak slowly. If you need assistance you can contact us.

What do I have to keep in mind with the replays I submit?

  • Please make sure you only submit replays in that you are playing the role(s) you are applying for.

Which format do you prefer for the replays?

  • We prefer the links from replay.gg since they allow us to watch the replay in spectator mode in the client. You simply copy the link you receive per mail from replay.gg and paste it into the registration form. In case you never used replay.gg or don’t know it, here is a manual.

I have signed up, what’s next?

  • After your registration you will be contacted within 48 hours to confirm your data. Afterwards we will inform you about the next steps.

Here you can find the rules (German only) Wettbewerbsregeln.

Here you can find the participation agreement (German only) Teilnahmevereinbahrungen.