About us

We are an eSports-Organisation focused around the German speaking regions. Currently we are starting with #NextLoLStar. The winners of #NextLoLStar will be our first team, for the future we plan to add teams from other games to our organisation.

We want to enable contact between our fans and our players without language barriers and contribute to the growth of eSports in the German-speaking regions.

Carina Krall, founder

Mental Force Gaming was founded in September 2015. The idea for an organisation focused around the German-speaking regions sparked from the observation that eSports internationally is more widely known compared to German speaking regions. We want to help to grow the recognition of eSports.

Another reason for the decision to focus around the German speaking regions were considerations concerning team synergy. In the past there were examples of teams with language barries that lead to players being unable to play at their best form. On the other hand there were teams that showed how having the same language as part of their team identity can help to have great success.

Our name represents the mental strength players need to have to perform at the high level. Meanwhile it is a play on words with the german abbreviation “MFG – mit freundlichen Grüßen”, which basically means “kind regards”.

In this sense:

Mfg your MFG team